RE: Dropped calls

I've seen a lot of people chat posting about the dropped calls. 

Here's the ANSWER! 

Don't buy a new phone simply go in settings. Them advanced. Turn on your HD VIDEO AND CALLS. 

MY husband had this issue and mine was fine, we both own older phones. Still4G though. 

While attemptempting to fix his mind started. Mind you, EVERYTHING else worked. Email. Facebook, apps. But when the phone would drop the call it would say missing WiFi. 

Mind you now we have 2 phones that can't call or text. I try chat on my verizon. Only to start a chat to be told to sign in again, then it takes me back to sign in and it starts all over again. I'm not kidding, I attempted this for hours. 

Finally I get so frustrated, I head for the local Verizon. The clerk was excellent. Thought they were fixed, get home same thing. 

At 6am the next morning, I chat one more time. Here comes the sign in again. This time I signed in on chat. They had me toggle airplane mode. Checked by making a couple calls no luck. Then they tell me to turn on the HD feature in advance settings. 

All this grief for on setting. I was livid. I had been getting notices to add it. Didnt need it, so we didn't add it. I honestly believe they are are forcing to upgrade and taking your phone hostage to do it. 

I was given the speech about the older phones and that if you was in the edge of the covered area, you may have have issues. 

NO, THIS IS CVS JUST TO GET YOU TO UPGRADE. I didcorder 2 phones, jokes on them. I buy from Amazon at half the cost. 

Same your pphine and money and turn on HD in your advance settings. Mine worked immediately after. I was on with chat maybe 10 minutes.