Returning defective phones
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I'm concerned that Verizon may be looking for additional ways to charge customers by claiming they never received returned phones.  We have been on the phone with customer service mutliple times to verify Verizon's receipt of a returned phone, yet they continue to want to charge us for the phone despite the fact that they have a record of the phone returned via Fedex.  We called again today and provided the tracking number.  Verizon customer service was able to see the returned phone in their records yet they didn't want to credit our bill.  Is this just a new level of incompetence, or a desire to cheat loyal customers?

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Re: Returning defective phones
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You are just another customer duped by verizons return policy.

You see verizon supplies the return to vendor label. When you drop off the returned device FedEx scans it as being received and then posts tracking updates to the return center. However Verizon is the customer for the returns under the return to vendor program and not you. Verizon likes to say they never received it back, or it was an empty box (FedEx weighs the box)

or it was damaged in then tells you to take the matter up with FedEx of which you cannot since Verizon is both the shipper and receiver. Don't fall for it.

Because they have your customer information they bill you. In law they must file a claim with FedEx to recoup their money.

You have to send a certified return receipt requested letter to verizon to their billing address. Tell them you dispute that non phone returned,damaged,lost charge and only pay the rest of the invoice.

File a small claims court case against Verizon for that phone amount, the certified letter costs, the filing fees, and the cost per hour from work to go to court. Add it all in then serve verizon and go to court.

Explain to the court that the phone was returned and once its out of your custody it is not you that is liable fir the situation. Show the court the tracking. You will win.

you can also file a complaint at just as a supplement to your court case. Do not arbitrate and get your settlement in writing. no verbal settlement.

Good Luck

Re: Returning defective phones
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That would never be our intent RobertDoig! I can certainly review your account in effort to resolve this. Please accept my follow request, follow me and send me a direct message with your mobile number so I may further assist. Thank you.

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Re: Returning defective phones
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We returned 2 defective phones on 12/23/21 and UPS confirmed delivery to verizon on 12/29/21.  On 1/8/22 received text from Verizon they did not received phones and are charging us over $900.  Verizon won't answer customer service phones or texts.  Store will not answer phone either.

Re: Returning defective phones
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