Riddle me this... the greatest technical mystery of 2019
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I have five (5) lines with Verizon, of which three (3) are on Android devices (Samsung S6+Edge, S7, and an S8) and the other two (2) on Apple devices.

A couple weeks ago (approx. July 6th 2019) we noticed on ALL three (3) Android devices that we weren't receiving SMS messages from any user who is on AT&T.

I've spent many hours across multiple support tickets with Verizon, including their tier-2 and network team, with Verizon formally concluding that this is not their issue and that it is with AT&T.

I've spent hours with AT&T support and they aren't sure where the issue is, though proclaiming it's at the device level.

In the end, neither carrier can explain this and thus we're stuck on our with two (2) options: convert to Apple devices (no thank you), or switch carriers (not sure the gamble is worth it).

Here's the facts to date:
- Issue is SMS originating from AT&T users (regardless if Apple or Android origin device) are not received on Verizon Android devices. Our SMS to AT&T users are received on their end.
- SMS originating from AT&T users is NOT an issue for Verizon Apple devices (Verizon advised this is because such messages are handled by Apple's messaging server).
- MMS is NOT an issue; it's only SMS- Verizon Android devices are Samsung Galaxy (S6, S7, and an S8), updated and having had no changes prior to or after when issues starting happening.
- Confirmed there are no blocking or filters set; both in the Messaging apps and online SmartFamily settings.
- Messaging apps, using standard Verizon app and/or Messages+. Test both, even in Safe Mode; did not resolve.
- Data Roaming Access was verified; Network Mode set to Global and Names is Verizon Internet.
- Network Reset completed; did not resolve.
- Data Roaming Access changed with Network Mode to LTE/CMDA and Data Roaming Access set to Deny; did not resolve.
- Re-inserted SIM cards; did not resolve.
- Verizon reset the SM Server on their end for our numbers; did not resolve.
- Ran in Safe Mode; did not resolve.
- Completed a painful Factory Reset on one of the Verizon Androids (S6+Edge); did not resolve.
- Verizon is not seeing SMS from AT&T for our Android devices on Sybase (their messaging database).

What I struggle to comprehend is the claim that it's purely with AT&T.  If it were one (1) user at AT&T, yes, but EVERY AT&T user (regardless of their device, geo location, etc.) that sends an SMS to any of the three (3) lines we have tied to our Verizon Android devices, we don't receive SMS and Verizon has verified they don't see it in Sybase.

I'm seriously thinking about starting a GoFundMe page to raise prize-money for whomever solves this riddle!

Game on!

Re: Riddle me this... the greatest technical mystery of 2019
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We certainly want to make sure you can get texts from all your contacts, EnzoChiapet! It is incredibly strange how this is happening! Thank you for all the details you have provided and all the troubleshooting you have done! We'd like to look into this again for you. Please send us a Private Note, so we can best assist.