Ringless voicemail robocalls and no record of call or call number in call log
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Samsung Galaxy S22+ 

#Ringless-voicemails robocalls received. 

HOWEVER: No date time stamp, nor record of  recent inbound call  nor number  associated with the #robocall voicemail is logged.


*Cleared VM cache.

"Do Not Disturb" is used but these ringless voicemail  #robocalls are received during  allowable hours

*Verizon Advanced Visual Voicemail in use.

*Normal voicemails from callers properly handled and "recent" calls are logged as expected with number and date time stamp.

This appears to be spammers' way to not actually call but come in thru the back door and slam voicemails with #robocalls.

Any suggestions for Verizon consumer action or settings to keep ringless voicemail spammers from flooding one's voicemail inbox with #robocalls????


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Re: Ringless voicemail robocalls and no record of call or call number in call log
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Thank you for reaching out and for such detailed information today. As a valued customer, your concerns are our concerns too. 


Let's work together to address and resolve this matter for you. How long has this been happening? Have there been any recent changes to your device? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, recent SIM Card change, etc.) 



-Robert C.

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Hello: I may have had two system updates since joining the network  (Dec 6, 2022) with the #Samsung Galaxy22+.

I use the default dialer and have no downloaded 3rd party phone apps other than what was squirted onto phone coming new out of the box as provisioned for Verizon network.

I cannot honestly say if the two system updates changed #Ringless VM. I have had this same problem in the6 weeks that I have owned the phone.

I got another Robo-voicemail yesterday during the daytime. VM gives me a time stamp (that's how I know it's not being thrown into VM because of a DND  setting since DND is only active from 10pm to 7 AM).

It seems to be the identical 30 second spam blast with same recorded spam message: "Hi, this is Kate with some money for your business..."  There is more than one spammer getting thru using Ringless Voicemail.

No Sim card changed as asked about....Just the original factory installed card.

Most calls coming in by numbers not already in my contact list are handled as expected. Caller is given a chance to leave a traditional voice mail and I see timestamp as expected. I also see the purported number of the caller even if no voicemail left, and this is even for unidentified numbers which are not verified by Verizon system with the little green "verified" checkmark.

These spammers are taking advantage of #Ringless VM but I do not know how they suppress their number. Perhaps coming in on VOIP?

I have no way to block a ghost number or the Ringless VM the spammer leaves.

Looking forward to your assistance AND I am impressed on how quickly you responded.

Please let me know what other info I can provide to you. 

Android Version 13

Android security patch level" Jan. 1 ,2023

Galaxy S22+



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We would be more thaan happy to help. Please send us a PM so we can help.