Rural data cost.

50 used to sell cheese.  When somebody want 10 POUNDS of NYState cheddar, the second 5 pounds never cost 3 times as much as the first 5 pounds.  Why does the secong 50 gig of data cost 3 times as much as the first 50 gigs? Does not seem fair at all.  Please notify the Board of Directors that rural america is absorbing a lot ot data use from urban american during the pandemic and I don't think that Verizon is being fair or patriotic about this in the least!....ahhh, gosh dernit.

Ken Noble

Worton, MD

Re: Rural data cost.
Customer Service Rep

Khnobes54 We are all working hard to get through these hard times. We have not increased prices to make things harder. If you are on a plan that does not fit your needs we have other plans can possible save you money when you won't have to pay overage. Let us know if you have any questions. Here is our plan link: