SPAM and Telemarketers

Is Verizon going to do something about the insane amount of spam calls and texts we all receive daily? I think not. Verizon is making money from these. So are all providers. Verizon knows these are spammers, it even says "Potential Spam" when calls and texts are received. The sad part is Verizon wants you to either pay for an app or be limited to 5 blocked calls daily. Note- you shouldn't have to block them when Verizon KNOWS they are spam. This only shows the level of corporate greed and endless levels to which Verizon is willing to stoop to make that almighty dollar. 

To the folks at Verizon who have the power to stop this but prefer to turn it into a way to create more revenue - you are the worst example of a human being possible and are well deserved of any karma coming your way. This has become an epidemic and all you can think of is how to line your pockets. 

Re: SPAM and Telemarketers
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Put down the conspiracy theories. All carriers deal with this, you act as if this is exclusively a Verizon thing.

Doesn't really benefit a company to have their customer service lines jammed for a problem that can't be really addressed. With the Intetnet the way it is, you can't do anything about spam or telemarketers. You can have apps or your phone configured a certain way, but there will always be scammers out there.

If it's really bad, you can request a number change. It's a phone number, not a family heirloom.

PS: The FREE version of Verizon Call Filter and app lets you block by risk level.