Samsung A71 Android

Cell 100 percent hacked by ex-husband.  Technological guru.  Text messages deleted leaving msgs adding up to different meaning.  Unable to download group msgs.  Working through chat room is noticable.  Working with phone numbers.  Has become the developer/administrator of my cell phone.  Can take away, scramble contacts.  Help!  Haven't been able to find any.


Re: Samsung A71 Android
Customer Service Rep

@Fawn4 ,

Claiming that someone is hacking into your phone is a very serious issue. It can only be done if they have something downloaded to your phone, or access to your accounts that would manage the device, such as your Google account. Please follow the steps here to restart your phone into Safe Mode: . Do you still have the same issues when using this mode? Another way to purge the phone is to factory reset it: , but please keep us posted on how Safe Mode goes first. If you know and have proof that this is someone you know doing things with your phone, then we'd recommend contacting the police to file a report as well.