Samsung Galaxy A-50

I added 2 Samsung Galaxy A50 phones to my plan, as Christmas gifts for my 14 and 15 yr old Daughters. The girls were happy with the A50, both seemed like pretty good phones, and definitely more reliable than the J7's. Anyhow, one of the phones has recently began to run extremely sluggish. I have been all the way through it and can't find anything that could be causing it. Then I remembered about a week after Christmas, the same phone was not responding to literally any commands. It would not respond to attempting to open apps, sliding up, down, or side to side. The home, nor volume buttons, would respond when pushed. we decided we would take it to Verizon the next day. Shortly there after, maybe 30 minutes or so had passed and it rebooted. It wiped everything that had been installed or downloaded, which wasn't much in only 6 or 7 days. The contacts, apps, music that had been added in the previous week, were all gone. It was as if we had just removed it from the packaging. So we set it up again, just like we had done the week before.

It continues to grow slower and lag more each day, and now I have a very impatient and upset 15 year old, and both of us hoping to figure out a fix. Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or have suggestions for a fix, or direction to go next ?