Samsung Galaxy Core Prime shut off and won't turn back on

I was finishing up a "game" on the PCH app, my phone was plugged in and charging with 99% charge when suddenly the screen went blank. I thought it was "thinking" but then I couldn't get it to power back up. I have removed and replaced the battery and the memory card, I have pushed both the volume down and power key, I have pushed the Home and power key. I left the battery out overnight, I have put it back on the charger, direct connection to wall socket not computer. I have prayed and laid hands on it and still it will not power up. I can make calls to the phone I can get my voicemail from another phone but no power. Please advise.

I didn't know what "place" to post this, the system chose iPhone 4 which this is not but...

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Core Prime shut off and won't turn back on
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You’ve come to the right place for help, PATTIBA20. We do want to make sure that we can get your device working again.  It looks like you’ve completed a lot of troubleshooting steps and I appreciated the information that you have provided. I do have a few more questions and things that we can try. Have you tried using a different charger to see if anything happens? I only ask because I have had a USB cord for my charger go bad on me and it would not charge my phones, but it would let me transfer data if plugged into a computer. Do you know of any physical or liquid damage to the device? Depending on the make and model, the screen may not show any signs of life if it is cracked, even though the phone works in the background.




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