Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Issues

My brand new note 2 decides to randomly disconnect from wi-fi on its own.  None of the other devices on my network, and there are quite a few of them have any issues so please don't suggest it is my router or internet.  My old t bolt which was disconnected yesterday never had any wi-fi issues.  Are there problems with wi-fi on this phone as some articles online seem to suggest?

Also very frustrating is the fact when my headphones are plugged in, the notification sounds still come though the on board speaker and not the headphones.  Can this be changed without downloading some app?  I've never had an android phone with this behavior.  Will have to return the phone and try something else if this can not be changed.

The forced OTA update on my thunderbolt was awful. My T bolt was perfect before they forced me to update to ICS.  And I lost unlimited data to only experience more issues? I am really starting to regret the decision to stay with Verizon for 2 more years.

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I know you don't want suggestions that it's your router, but wifi problems could in fact be caused by your router.

I've had continual and unpredictable problems with my Sony (Win 7 Pro 64) laptop connecting to my old Linksys router, while neither my old MacBook Pro (OSX) nor my wife's Lenovo laptop (Win 7 home 32) has any such problems.  Bottom line is that communication with a wireless router requires handshaking, and handshaking can exhibit random difficulties.  I never connect my Note 2 to wifi since I have an unlimited data plan, so can't speak to whether my phone has a wifi problem. But I spend a lot of time on other forums and I haven't seen evidence that Verizon Note 2 phones commonly have such a problem.

I doubt you'd find fewer problems with a different service provider.  Android phones are complicated little computers, and sometimes they exhibit frustrating behaviors.  By the way, if you use a Bluetooth headset with full A2DP capabilities instead of hard wire, the notifications will come through over the headset.  I know that may not suit your needs, though.

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One sure way to rule out your router is to go to a place offering free wifi service, such as your library. See if your phone connects. If it doesn't, it's your phone. If it does, 'nuff said