Samsung J3 update-battery drains too fast

Since receiving the update on my Samsung J3 the other day, I have noticed my battery drains a lot faster than what it use to. My 5 year old watches a lot of YouTube on my phone (at least 5+ hours a day) and my phone would last at least 75% of the day. As of today, she watched YouTube for approximately 1 hour and my battery is almost drained. I took my phone off charge at 10am and the battery was 100%. I checked my emails roughly 5 minutes and my battery was at 94%. I left my phone in the house while I went out to work in the yard and did not pick it back up until 1:53pm and sent a message to a family member. My phone then was at 75%. My 5 year old picked up my phone at 4:12pm and watched youtube until 5:03pm. I then picked up my phone at 7:07pm and my battery was at 26%. I dont think the update is battery friendly. Any thoughts?

Re: Samsung J3 update-battery drains too fast
Customer Service Rep

Hello Lucydoo, having battery life issues can certainly be a headache, especially since you need the phone to work in optimal conditions to carry out daily activities. It is certainly strange to see your battery percentage gets drained quickly regardless of what you are doing.

Currently, how often do you use your device (light user, moderate user, heavy user)? Have you updated an app or installed a new one? Aside from the batter problem, any other issues since the update?