Secure Folder data on ext SD
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Like the idea and platform of "Secure Folder". Their should be an option on which storage location all the encrypted data should be stored. Internal or External?

The fact if my Secure Folders encrypted data is only located in the internal memory location kind of defeats the protect if ones phone decides to brick.

If there was an option available in setting up Secure Folder and all encrypted data gets stored on the external mini SD momery card. I would think this would be more of a fault tolerate way to preserve important data from a fatal brick phone.

Yea I get all data should be backed up but it would not be secured or encrypted.

Verizon should look into to this as a choice and added feature. Otherwise I am not impressed having Secure Folder encrypted data mainly located at the local memory location.

Good idea but need to think about losing data do to a bricked phone.

I should not have to use other apps on the market when Verizon has the capability to design this feature.

Below link are discussion on this topic.

Move Secure Folder to SD Card - Samsung Community - 113349

My concern is relying on any hand held smart device which has Secure Folder is a risk of losing data if bricked.

Can not "assume" on a working device not to brick.

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