Sending a picture via MMS results in "invalid address"
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I believe there must be a coding issue and I'm not too sure who to tell; Verizon? or Who?  Lets find out


I previously spoke with Verizon and they told me its my phone that might be wrong; the software has a glitch.


I have an HTC Incredible; my friend owns a Samsung Fascinate.  Here are my steps so you all can replicate the issue:


1-Go to Gallery (picture app)

2-Click a photo-view it

3-Click your menu key down at the bottom

4-Choose Share

5-Choose Messages

6-Now you're at "adding slides" and "compose"; I presume Compose means "subject/tag line" no biggie, do whatever

7-At the top right, you see a people icon; scroll down and choose a contact

8-Name now should appear top left; click send


Few seconds later I get a notification "invalid address destination"


Now let me tell you the remedy/issue.


In my contact lists I have phone numbers in this specific format:


(xxx) xxx xxxx


If you were to send a picture from your device and typed in a phone # with that same format, you might get a "invalid address" error


If you were use the phone format:




It will go through.


At this moment in time, yesterday, my friend had the Samsung Fascinate; I had the HTC Incredible. I am aware that the Samsung is using 2.1 Android Software (I think) and I'm using 2.2 Froyo Software.  At first Verizon agent thought his (Samsung) phone was disabling some sort of MMS capabilities; so he did tests on his end.


He tried to send a picture and it wouldnt work; but his coworker sent him a picture and he received it just fine.

He sent a picture to a coworker a few moments later and it worked.

Later his wife tried to send a picture and he did not receive it (she has the same phone)

But he sent a picture to his wife and it went thru


Later on he sent me a picture and I did receive it.

I still cannot send him a picture using the format (xxx) xxx xxxx



But wait it gets better (LOL)


So you know how SMS has a limited amount of characters you can type before it says "field full"??  Well I think prior to 2.2 Droid Incredible people (Verizon, US, Oregon) were stuck with 150 and it would stall. Now after the update; 2.2 Froyo: Verizon, US, Oregon allows us to type to our hearts content and break up the text messages to the receipient.  if you typed 300 characters for example that could result in 3 pages or 3 messages; the receiver would be charged for 3 messages.


Anyways I sent a huge text message to him and this was a message I got:


"message delivered to xxxxxxxxxx as plain text. Destination does not support enhanced message service" (again his phone is a Samsung Fascinate) 


A couple weeks ago he had a Incredible; and we had no problems: Samsung Fascinate we do have problems


CRAP lol theres two problems here instead of one, ok lets go back to the sending a picture:  If I already have a text message thread going on, down at the bottom is an attachment button; clicking that, choosing a picture and submitting it; works  Even though if his default phone # is (xxx) xxx xxx


So basically the main issue is going to photos, choosing it, selecting a person or typing the phone # in the format listed above and submitting it, it gives an "invalid address destination" problem.


Any thoughts.  Thanks

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Re: Sending a picture via MMS results in "invalid address"
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Over a week has past and over 300 views and no comments???

Re: Sending a picture via MMS results in "invalid address"

I have a Samsung galaxy s8 with the same problems its got to be verison

Re: Sending a picture via MMS results in "invalid address"
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We're sorry to see you're having issues with your picture messages. We would love to help get this issue resolved for you as quickly as well. When did you start having these issues? Does this happen when you send the messages to Android or Apple devices?