Service Has Declined Significantly

I don't know what Verizon is doing, but we've been super loyal customers because of the extensive coverage. All of a sudden, calls are dropping on streets where there was never a problem. There's an entire neighborhood I drive through that no longer seems to have coverage. And calls in our house drop constantly - I have a Galaxy S8+ and my husband and kids have Pixels. Something is clearly going on with the network. It shouldn't be this hard to use our phones.

Re: Service Has Declined Significantly
Customer Service Rep

So sorry to hear about the issues with service lately, HSansone. We appreciate that super loyalty and it's imperative that we figure out what is going on and the best path forward. We want the best for you and we're on the case. What's the nearest cross streets and zip code of your location? Other than dropped calls, are you having issues with mobile data or texting?  RyanM_VZW