Service not activated messages

Have had this phone for less than 2 months!

First 14 days, thought issues were just me needing to get used to another device (switched from Samsung) but things just keep getting worse... random 'service not activated' messages, metallic voice phone calls when they go through, multiple missed texts and emails...

Had my original LG replaced because in store reps could not fix issues either... second one still having issues.

What can I do?

I even reactivated my old Samsung so i could communicate w my employees!

Please help!


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Re: Service not activated messages
Customer Service Rep

Risingfaith, I regret to learn of the issues being experienced with your LG device. We're here and available to assist. We just need some additional details. What LG device do you have? Service not activated messages are usually common with text/picture messages not being sent or received. What messaging app do you use (the stock LG one or the Verizon Messages+ app)? Is the issue with calls consistent on every call or just certain calls?