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I upgraded my line to the new play more unlimited plans and went to activate the Disney plus bundle. I went through the whole process and Disney plus however says they cant validate my email. I spoke to Verizon and they always  open a ticket and say to me wait 2 day. THEY NEVER FIX IT AND I AM PAYING MY BILL WITH DISNEY INCLUDED.  Terrible costumer support they dont fix issues they just open tickets to make us waiting for nothing. I will go to another wireless company that know how to treat their costumers. 


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Re: Set up disney
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Oh no! We want to make sure that you can take advantage of the Disney Bundle. When you added the feature through your My Verizon, were you able to get signed up with your email address? Where are you getting the error that the email cannot be validated? KevinR_VZW

Re: Set up disney
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I spent hours trying to figure this out. Talked to several people was given a ticket twice and still they couldn’t figure it out.
I had the original promotional bundle thorough Hulu and Hulu (not Disney or espn) was still working. I went into the Hulu website not the app and changed my email address on my Hulu account. I actually had the screen open in Verizon and it immediately added the Disney bundle to my account.