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Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 3

Wanted to open up a new discussion for those of us unhappy about the forced "down" grade to KitKat. I am using a droid RazrM and was highly satisfied with the Jelly Bean OS. I have not noticed anything good or beneficial about the move to KitKat.

My biggest complaint is the loss of Swype input. This was one of the major reasons I went with Android rather than Apple. Now texting is tedious.

Secondly, also regarding messaging, the layout is now white on white and is nearly impossible to read a message thread without eye strain.

I am extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with the 'terms' of Verizon services. Users should be allowed to choose to upgrade or not.

NOTE TO VERIZON SUPPORT and MANAGEMENT: You have a large number of unhappy customers and are not, as of this writing, giving any alternative to the KitKat upgrade. This is not how you gain loyalty.

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Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 2

I'm still having issues with the Droid DNA.  Fortunately it's not a complete bricking like half the phones out there.  Hopefully we don't get a "I know how you feel, I use that everyday and know how important it is" canned response. 

Short version - I see three options for me

1.  Verizon gives us a realistic ETA for fixing the untested KitKat rollout, then I make a decision.

2.  Go into store and give them the option to give me a new free comparable or better phone, or move to a new provider (zero shot of me paying for another's mistake - ultimately if I thought it would have an impact I'd leave just to provide a valuable business lesson to corporate.  However, I have a feeling it's cheaper to skip testing and have the customer base do it for you... probably lose very few, but get free beta testers)

3.  Just root the phone and go with a solid TESTED XDA app.  (Verizon should really figure out a way to hire even one of those guys over at XDA developers... would be less issues when you "upgrade" ... yes I laughed out loud saying upgrade.

So, what will be it Verizoners?  1, 2, or 3?

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 1

My motorola droid razor maxx hd recently downloaded the kitkat update.  Now my Google Navigation (blue arrow)
does not open into navigation mode. Instead it opens up Google Maps, which is inferior and not user friendly.
I need the old Google Navigation blue arrow back with the speedy navigation features it offered. No joke, this
kitkat update is broken!  It changed my text background to white, making it harder to read. It removed my alarm
snooze button and makes it harder to snooze my alarm.  It made Hangouts my primary IM tool. Etc, etc, etc.

Motorola and Google should make a "revert to previous OS" button when a new OS is pushed out for those of us
that either do not want to update for personal reasons (as consumers that is our right) or to allow us to
revert back in order to fix our phones so we can use them!!

Help!  I need to revert back to my prior OS. How can I do this?

Verizon needs to:

1. Restore my original navigation (blue arrow) since that is the GPS app of choice.

2. Restore all of the IM background defaults to usable colors.

3. Restore my notification only uses white lights now!

4. Restore my phone so that the keypad automatically pops up when I have to enter a number. Right now when I am going through a voice menu on a call I have to pull the phone away and manually select KEYPAD before I can enter any numbers!

Bottom line:  Verizon allow paying customers the ability to revert back to the previous OS version their phone was using if the customer decides the new OS changes makes their Verizon experience worse.  Kit Kat sucks and I want to revert back to the previous version of Android that I had.

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am extremely disappointed with the Messaging Update the Login Screen (pass code entry) and the Keyboard Update.

First off the Messaging -

It is blinding and not the "Dark Theme" I had before. I liked that and want to have the option to have it back...
The whole theme and way of doing things in messaging has changed and I do not like the changes...

Second The Login Screen..

Why in the hell would I ever swipe left or right from there... It has caused me to fail putting in my proper pass code due to it thinking I wanted to change my screen from the only panel there has ever been... >_>

The only upside to this is the Alarm System is nicer looking and easier to use when you get used to it...
However the first time I received a call since the Update I was perplexed as how I was supposed to answer the call.the

I do like the ability to dismiss future alarms. So pretty much the Alarms is the only Good Thing I've Seen.


Oh I am furious with this... There are 2 things that I used to use all the time that I can no longer use properly, or as I intended to use them in the past...

The [ ! ] Key is now replaced with the [ * ] Key... What? That doesn't make sense...

Then the ^_^ face i used to do all the time is now ^°^... I now have to go from just 3 quick key presses just like asa or dsd or dfd to Left Shift + Symbol Key + [ ^ ] - Left Shift + Symbol Key [ _ ] - Left Shift + Symbol Key + [ ^ ]... This frustrates me like no other...

What's worse is I cannot Re-Program a Key or change to another Key Board.

WHY ARE YOU FORCING A COMPLETE CHANGE INSTEAD OF IMPLEMENTING AN IN ADDITION TO... I thought you were supposed to be the best Wireless Carrier and were supposed to look out for your customers interest... not Mega Corp Force People to do things a certain way... the people like options and choices not sudden changes....

Sincerly a person considering alternative options due to this situation.

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty

I'm experiencing issues with texting. Over the last couple days, every text message I send fails at least once before successfully sending. The behavior is consistent. I've had no issues before this. I have a Galaxy Nexus.

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 1

I agree with customers having the option to revert back to the original operating system.  I now have to charge my phone as many as 3 times a day, at least 2 times every day!  Tech support was no help.  We supposedly backed all of my data up and then did a factory reset, I lost so much stuff it isn't funny!  It didn't help the battery life at all.  I unplugged my phone from the charger the other night and put it on battery saver and by the next morning it was down to 70% with NO use at all!  By noon it was back on the charger because it was completely dead with very little use.  We tried to not download the update into my husband's phone because of the problems that I was having and it finally quit asking and just downloaded anyway.  I want my old OS back---this one stinks!  The alarms suck, the missing alphabet by the my contacts makes it take longer to find a contact, my battery life or lack there of, and all of these stupid Google apps that I don't want.  When I disabled them they still updated!  WTH is that?  Apps with a life of their own!  And a phone that turns itself on and off at will, really? This was an UPdate? I think not!  FIX my PHONE!

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty

I miss the recent days when I could go into my list of contacts and immediately jump to the letter of the name I was searching for. I dont understand why anything calling itself an upgrade would take away function in a device. The blinding white light of texting is horrendous. The only improvement I have noticed is that the touch screen sensitivity seems to be improved, however I am still unsure if this is just me.

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty
Enthusiast - Level 3

You know, I remember that for many years Microsoft had terrible press with Windows updates. Updates were rolled out and Microsoft was just as surprised as all those millions of users when the OS acted up or broke. It seems that the Android folks are learning the same lessons. In their rush to get out a new thing, they don't fully test the new version and get burned. My DROID RAZR MAXX HD is having its share of problems with 4.4.2. I suspect that eventually it'll be fixed, but it would have been better had the OS update been better tested before they rolled it out. Just saying....

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty

oh my gosh!! I didn't realize it was a downgrade.  I completely agree with your statements.  I am not happy and feel "handicapped" without my swype and the white on white is awful.

Re: Sharing KitKat update complaints, there should be plenty

Its been said multiple times...

Verizon and Motorola has nothing to do with Swype being missing. Nuance revoked the license of their beta keyboard and are now selling licensing for their keyboards on the play store.

The warning you get all keyboards give the same warning and even the preinstalled ones.