Short Message Service Center (SMSC) Number
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One recommendation when a user can receive but is unable to send text messages is to check the SMSC number on the user's SIM card. This number connects a person's SIM card to the wireless provider's SMS outgoing server. Googling "SMSC" leads to numerous articles about this from many sources. Verizon's SMSC number is actually available on line. After trying unsuccessfully to view my SIM's SMSC information using the published instructions, I called Verizon tech support for information about doing this. The technician had never heard of the existence of an SMSC number. Is there a way to check and correct an SMSC number error on a device, either by a user or a Verizon technician?

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Re: Short Message Service Center (SMSC) Number
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BERTA113, it is important to stay connected and we are are here to help. To clarify, you can receive texts, but are having trouble sending? Are you using your standard SMS service or Verizon Messages?