Slow Hotspot Speed with New Unlimited 55+/Disney Plan

Just switched to the Unlimited plan yesterday for the Disney+ deal. Now, trying out the hotspot for the first time the speed is .6 MBPS. Really? Takes me back to dial-up days, waiting for pages (including this one) to load. So I guess this is the catch in all of this?

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Re: Slow Hotspot Speed with New Unlimited 55+/Disney Plan
Customer Service Rep

I apologize for any confusion about the 55+ Unlimited plan, kevyzim. Your satisfaction and clear disclosure of the details of the plan are top priorities for us. The 55+ Unlimited plan includes all the features of the Go Unlimited plan, and this plan includes unlimited Mobile Hotspot at a maximum speed of 600 Kbps. Please be assured that your plan is working as designed.


You can change your plan to one that includes 4G LTE data for the Mobile Hotspot feature if you need faster speeds. Please visit this link ( to compare benefits and pricing of our current plans.