Smart Family Location Inaccurate
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I have the Verizon Smart Family app installed on my Samsung Galaxy S8 and the companion app installed on my son's iPhone 7.

In the past few days I've found that, when viewing location maps, both apps show the phone on which that specific app is installed in an accurate location, but then a discrepancy of about 1-2 miles in the location of the other phone (both locations are shared).  For example, when sitting at home holding both phones in my hand at the same time, each phone will show that it is at home but the other person is about 1.5 miles away. Interestingly, my phone usually appears to always be shown southwest of my son's phone, but that might be coincidence.

I can send a location check-in from my son's phone to mine that will show up as the correct location, but still if I try to update his location on my app immediately after that, the incorrect location for him will continue to appear in my app.  Automatic notifications that I have set up seem to either not come through at all or to come through a long time after he's left or arrived at the specified location.

I've power cycled both phones, ensured that all location settings are set properly per the Smart Family FAQs, and uninstalled/reinstalled both apps (by default re-pairing the companion app and making sure that they're up-to-date).  Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions?

Re: Smart Family Location Inaccurate
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I'm sorry to learn that you are experiencing some issues with the Smart Family Location feature, BAS071509. I have two kids and we also use the Smart Family feature so I sincerely understand your concerns about this inaccurate map location. I understand that you have done several troubleshooting steps (power cycled both phones, ensured that all location settings are set properly per the Smart Family FAQs, uninstalled/reinstalled both apps on both phones and you made sure that the apps are up-to-date).


I had a similar issue in the past (I have a Pixel 3 XL device) and my son had refused to update his iOS software on his iPhone 6S. We updated the iOS and everything worked fine again for us.


Does your son's phone have the latest iOS version installed?
Is your phone on the latest software version available?

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