Smart Lock stopped working LG K20v

About a month ago I got a Verizon LG K20v phone.  One of the first things I did was assign a Screen Lock pin and set up Smart Lock to detect when I am in range of my Wi-Fi at home.  It worked for a while - no pin needed if I was at home, but I must have fiddled with one of the six billion settings on the phone.  Now, I get asked every time at home for my pin.

Any suggestions?

My current settings are

Settings...Display...Lock Screen

     Select screen lock - I have a PIN assigned (note - I have not turned on fingerprint security)

     Smart lock - Trusted places - I have a longitude/latitude assigned.  No on-body, trusted devices, faces, or voice match


     Wi-Fi - On and connected to my router.  Excellent signal.  72 Mbps.


     Location - On.  Mode is Battery Savings (Wi-Fi only).  This is the setting I used to create the Smart Lock trusted place.  Changing it to High Accuracy does not fix my problem.

          Google Location History - Off.  Turning this on, clicking Manage Timeline and identifying my house by clicking I an here button does not fix the problem.  I have Web & App Activity turned off.

          Recent location requests - Verizon Location Agent - permissions are Phone and Location

Settings...Application Manager

     Google - Permissions - Location on or off has no effect.  I tried having both this on and Location Mode set to High Accuracy.  No effect.

Stumped... Smiley Sad

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Re: Smart Lock stopped working LG K20v
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Wow, SleepingLion, you’ve done quite a bit of detailed troubleshooting on this issue. Thank you for sharing all the details. Let’s work on the next steps. We first recommend disabling or turning off the Smart Lock feature, then power down the phone for about a minute or so. Power back on and retest. Have you downloaded any apps since this became an issue? Any software updates to the phone or any of your apps? Aside from the Smart Lock feature issues, are there any other issues with the device?




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Re: Smart Lock stopped working LG K20v

Thanks for your quick response.  To disable Smart Lock I had to disable my Screen Lock PIN.  I also deleted the one trusted location I had.  Powered off for a minute and turn phone on.

Did the following:

Made sure Location is on and in GPS and Networks mode

Google has location permission.  Google location history is turned on.

Set up PIN so I could do Smart Lock.  Had to restart because it was selecting Lat. 0 deg, Long. 0 deg.

After restart it found my location correctly - set it as smart lock location.

Turn off for a min.  Turn on.

Smart Lock still fails.  I still get asked for my PIN.

I'll review non-OEM apps to see if anything might interfere.