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My Samsung Galaxy S7 just completed a software update this morning. now 2 of my apps won't load (they stop at the halfway point while trying to load no matter how long I have it open to load, eventually the app tells me it needs to be closed), my other apps are running incredibly slowly, my phone is hesitating and I am getting rather frustrated. Even Facebook won't load properly. Help!!

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Re: Software Update
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You need to go into recovery mode...volume up/home/power.Then go to clear cache partition use the volume down key then high lite clear cache then press the power button and use volume down to clear the cache.Then just reboot.If it doesn't work right then back up your phone smart switch or what ever you have for backup.Then do the same as you did for clear cache but just go to factory data reset.That should do it

Hope this works for you.

Re: Software Update
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We understand the importance of getting all of your apps to work since the software update.

Were you able to try the steps kathy65793 recommended?

How is the phone working for you today?

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