Software Upgrade Assistant does not recognize white G3
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As I am currently on build 23A, I did not receive the 23C update OTA this week. This is not a big deal as 23A is also lollipop, 23C doesn't fix the Wifi notification bug, and I can get 23C via the Upgrade Assistant anyways. Well, the Upgrade Assistant, despite installing and opening just fine, does not recognize my phone when I connect to my PC (running windows 8.1 if it matters). The software can detect that a device has been plugged in and begins to scan, but ultimately does not recognize the device. X4iRfPW.png

As you can see, the software scans for my device.


Ultimately, the search for the device is fruitless.

As I have heard from a numbers of users who have tried using the Upgrade Assistant with the white variant, it sounds like this issue is widespread and not just limited to my device. I would greatly appreciate if Verizon/LG could patch the software so that it properly detects white G3s.

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I had similar issues with a white G2.  The update was 2 weeks behind the black models for whatever reason.  (Maybe a batch code difference and was used to roll out updates in stages)  I have gotten the SWA to recognize my phone a handful of times, but it only gave the model number and not software version info.  It never found the update for it.  And, not just this phone, but the several replacements before it as well, to include this one even after the update, still not recognized no matter what USB mode I put it in.


I have the exact same issue, white g3 on 23a, cannot upgrade to 23c because the software upgrade assistant cannot see my phone due to it's color. Please Verizon fix this issue.


This is a problem on all versions of the white phone,  not just Verizon