Spam Text

My Galaxy J7 won't let me forward a spam text to Verizon so I'll post the info here.  (There is no address space offered after I highlight and copy the text!)

Here's what woke me at 4:33 with a notification ding this morning:

"Become a product tester and receive free stuff.......Reply Yes......"

 Seriously??? Is anyone that dumb anymore?

Re: Spam Text
Customer Service Rep

@OregonJan ,


Spam texts are never welcome, and it's great to know that you were trying to get it forwarded to be reported. While each phone model is a little different in what options you get while forwarding something, you can stil copy/paste the message into a new text to 7726. Once you send that, we would ask for the sender's info. If it helps, this link covers those steps in more detail under #10: . To help avoid any future texts from waking you up, please check out this link for setting up Do Not Disturb on your Galaxy J7: . You can still allow certain contacts from reaching you, but does that help?