Stop Verizon Push Ads
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How do i stop ads like this from showing up on my phone?

1. all of my profile options are set not to participate in any advertising

2. I did just change my plan to one with more data, but I cannot see where it reset anything

And Verizon wonders why I won't by more services like FIOS from them.


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Re: Stop Verizon Push Ads
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It might be coming from the MyVerizon application. Do you have that installed and signed it?

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Re: Stop Verizon Push Ads
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AddedValue62, we totally understand not wanting to get Ads. We are here to help.


Ann154 is correct. The Ad shown in your screen shot is a popup notification that would come from our My Verizon app. To stop any popup notifications from the app like this, you would need to reset the app and not sign back into it. 


If you want to use the My Verizon app on your phone, then when signing into the app you are agreeing to these popup notifications.


Depending on the model phone you have, usually you can do this by going to Settings, App or App Manager, tap the My Verizon app, then tap Storage, and finally Clear Data.


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Re: Stop Verizon Push Ads
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This is an apalling answer. Verizon's practice is shameful.