Stream TV Gen 1 vs. Gen 2
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I purchased a Gen 1 stream tv from eBay and liked the device so much I decided to buy a Gen 2 device for a second TV. The devices appear to be nearly identical...both are android tv 10, same build number, Bluetooth version, CPU family, etc. (the Gen 1 does have a more recent Verizon update 20220629 vs. 20220627 for the Gen 2).

I use a Bluetooth gamepad (Nintendo Switch Pro Controller) to play games on the devices and the Gen 1 works perfectly. Unfortunately, the Gen 2 does not. It does not map the buttons correctly and it does not acknowledge input from the Dpad. I'm very disappointed because the Gen 2 device is an otherwise excellent device and I love having a USB input port. Is it possible there is something wrong with my Gen 2 device? Could it be a problem with Verizon's updates to Android TV (the controller works fine on other android TV devices)? Is there anything that could be done?

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