Sudden Loss of Signal Strength
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My Google Pixel 3 has worked brilliantly in my neighborhood in VT for the year that I've had it.  Suddenly the past two days I have no or 1 bar at my home (and brief moments of 2 bars) where before I consistently had 2 or 3 bars, I could have conversations with only occasional dropped calls which I considered great (you have to be a Vermonter to understand this joy) and Always rec'd text msgs. Now NO SMS service unless I walk 1 mile away and even then only spotty. The reasons I've stayed with Verizon all these years is their service, even in low signal strength areas.  Now after more than 18 years, I'm not so sure. 

Note that this is post Android upgrade.  I've noticed that 'preferred provider' shows up now when the signal comes back on my walks to get a signal.  And I've already gone thru the 'checklist' with customer service. They were unaware of any possible tower issues in the area. However, that seems the only likely explanation. Ideas about how to get this problem solved or at a minimum an explanation that will keep me a Verizon customer? 

Re: Sudden Loss of Signal Strength
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Move to an area where the Verizon network is not as congested currently 

Re: Sudden Loss of Signal Strength
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We never want to lose a valuable longtime customer like you, jmrc. We want to help.


What city are you located at, as well as the closest cross streets to your location? Do you know if anyone else is having the same experience as you are at your home location, or is this limited to your Pixel 3. 


Do you have home internet with Wi-Fi in your home? We ask because your phone can use our Message+ app for your text messages on Wi-Fi, as well as Wi-Fi Calling as well to stay connected with friends and family while in your home.