Suddenly, my droid razr says my yahoo mail username or password is incorrect.

This marks the third or fourth time this has done this. I used the mail before bed last nite, then I see a notification light a few hours later, look and it was a triangle error. Checked this morning and same issue. I've had this happen before where it suddenly "forgets" the username and/or password. I have 6 email accounts. 3yahoo, 2gmail, & 1 private. All other accounts work fine. I've checked my mail just fine with my iPad and computer simultaneously. I used to think it was a phone ing, but so many people are having the same with different phones. I haven't seen a solution yet. I've tried various manual settings. Don't think it's Verizon. Could be a combo of Verizon and android, during some cycle or server communication between the two. The first time it happened, I thought I had been hacked, now I know this is not the case. Anyone have any thoughts?


The only one vie found so far is to change the password. This worked for me as I could access the account from other sources.

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There are numerous threads/posts about this issue on this forum ... various phones (both ICS and JB) and e-mail services, mainly Yahoo and AOL.  Some think it's a Google/Android issue, some think it's Verizon.  Whatever it is, it's been going on for a while.  Workarounds include deleting your accounts and setting them up under 'Other', using the appropriate app from Google Play if available (such as Yahoo Mail), or using a mail client like K-9 (available from Google Play).


The pre-defined Yahoo profile in the mail setup is no longer working on many android phones.

The Yahoo! Mail app in the Google Play store seems to resolve the issue.

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Hi Erpitt!

Let's get your email up and running correctly and without error messages. I know how important it is for me to get my emails in a timely manner, and I know how frustrating it is if this doesn't happen. I have some troubleshooting steps from you that other customers have found resolves the issue:

Manually set up the account by opening the email app and Menu / New Account / Other (Pop/Imap) and use the settings below...

•Incoming Server –
•Outgoing Server –
•Incoming Port – 993 (requires SSL)
•Outgoing Port – 465 (requires SSL)
•Username: full email address (
•Password: is the password you login to Yahoo! with the correct mail address.

Give this a go and let me know how it works out for you!

Thank you,

Christina B
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It's a known issue with almost all android devices, it doesn't have to do with the carrier, because it happens on Sprint, AT&T & TMobs android devices. Go to the market and download the application. For people that have other email accounts that don't have applications (such as AOL) download K-9 mail application and it should work 100%