Switch/Port In/Buyout/Trade-in Promotion

Is anyone having luck on receiving their Mastercard for the buyout promotion? The promotion says if you switch from your current carrier and port over your phone number, trade-in a device, and purchase a device from Verizon, you'd receive a Mastercard for up to $650 to pay off your contract with your prior carrier.  This promotion has a expiration date of 60 days from service start date.

I've been contacting Verizon for well over this date frame and got the run around.  Fortunately, I made sure everything was noted via chat so I have  proof that I was diligent on my part. 

Finally, I got an email on Feb 1, 2020 with a reference #186815894 stating I'll receive 2 Mastercards for $200 each (since I ported 2 numbers).  The email further states that it'll take 7-10 business days for review and approval.  Well, it is now Feb 22, 2020 and no cards or notice/update from Verizon as to whether it's been approved, mailed out, etc.? 

I'm tired of calling Customer Service who then says I need to call the Port Center, who then says I need to talk to Customer Service, who apologizes for the confusion but again transfers me back to Port Center, etc. Can someone help direct me in the right direction?

Thank you.

Re: Switch/Port In/Buyout/Trade-in Promotion
Customer Service Rep

Tatt0022, we certainly understand your concern regarding the MasterCard's and apologize for the trouble it has taken to get an answer as to where they are located. Have you checked the status via our website here https://www.yourdigitalrebatecenter.com/#!/check-my-status




Re: Switch/Port In/Buyout/Trade-in Promotion
Specialist - Level 3

Customer Service has nothing to do with cards and neither does the port center. This is handled by the digital rebate center and those cards in general take around 8 weeks to deliver.