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LGV30. System update occurred last week...9/23ish. Now phone will shut off in middle of call. I have to "restart" , which really is turn off and Force Turn On to even try to charge it... Etc. Phone will freeze. For example, alarm was set for 315am. Looked at phone, it was 251am. Fell asleep, woke up, phone still said was really 425am now. Battery had also drained 20% while "froze". Any ideas?

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Re: System Update
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SystemUpdateBad, getting a software update should always improve your cell phone and not cause you any headaches. We want to make sure that everything is up to date and working with your cell phone. After a software update is completed, were you able to check to see if all the apps in your Google Play Store are also up to date? KevinR_VZW