T2000 does not provide Calling Number Identification to attached POTS phone w/ CallerID

I have a T2000 Home Phone gadget into which I have  plugged a phone/answering machine that can process Bellcore standard Calling Number Identification pulse codes (i.e. the phone has built-in CallerID capability).  The T2000 is advertised as being able to provide CallerID to external CallerID boxes, and in fact your Software Update 4 claims to have fixed a problem with this feature.  However, the T2000 that I have does not in fact provide usable caller info to my phone, even though it is running the Update 4 software (Version  The phone was receiving and processing CallerID info from my old 3G home phone gadget, which I had to decommission at the end of the year, so I know that the problem is not with that device.  Please fix your T2000 software to conform to the US Bellcore standards for providing Calling Number Identification (that is, the standards used by your older devices.)