Text Messages Delayed ONLY to 1 Recipient

My wife's text messages to me are being delayed by 3-6 hours.  Her phone shows "Retry sending" when she sends me text messages.  It doesn't matter if it's just text or if it contains a picture, emoji, etc.  Her text messages to all other people send without delay.  If she sends a text to a group chat that I am on, I receive the message without delay.  This started occurring about a week or so ago.  She has tried restarting her phone, but that did not help.  Below are some pertinent information, but if more is needed, please let me know.


Providers: Both using Verizon (same account)

Phone: Pixel 2 XL

Text Messaging App: Messages

Android Version: 10

Android Security Patch level: June 5, 2020



Re: Text Messages Delayed ONLY to 1 Recipient
Customer Service Rep

It is important that you are able to text with your wife, SeanE23. Has she cleared the app cache on her messaging application, or tried using a different messaging app?