Text messages when voice mail is left.

Whenever someone leaves a voice mail, I do not get a little notification icon. I get a text message from verizon that starts with //VZVVM:SYNC:ev

I do not have Visual Voicemail.

Searches indicate something is wrong with where the phone fowards "voicemails" I can't figure out how to fix this.

The phone is a google nexus 5x.

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Re: Text messages when voice mail is left.
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ipponred, getting voice mail is always important, and getting them where you expect them is important.  Where did you purchase the device? Do you use Visual Voice Mail?

When you dial *86 there should be set up instrucitons for your voicemail that will help you set up notifications. You would choose option 4 then choose personal options. In this section you would choose notification and make sure it was set to on. This is the way your mailbox would deliver the notification on the top of your screen.

Let us know if this helps, and if there is anything else we can do to assist.

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Re: Text messages when voice mail is left.
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The correct answer is...

On your Verizon phone turn off Visual Voicemail using these steps.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Phone icon > Menu icon 
     > Settings.
     If not available, swipe up to display all apps then tap the Phone icon.
  2. Tap Voicemail. If unavailable, tap Call Settings > Voicemail.
  3. Tap the Visual Voicemail switch to turn on or off.
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