There will be no 64gb Nexus 6 ??!!?

I have an upgrade coming up and was so happy to see that Verizon announced it was going to carry the Nexus 6.

When I look on the smartphones page at the Nexus 6 they only show it in 32gb. Is it possible that they'd only carry the smallest size? I was just talking to some co-workers about it and they agree that this is surprising. It's not something I'd even consider as you loose a big chunk of that to the OS. I watch tv and movies from google play at the gym with unreliable wifi and HAVE GOT TO HAVE more memory for downloads. I also keep gigs of personal music and pictures on my phone. Also I use it for work and have keep work some work documents too.

I hear Tmobile has it in 64gb. Maybe I'll consider this when my contract is up.

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We definitely don't want you to leave us. We understand how crucial it is to have enough memory on your device. We do offer other device with 64GB of memory. What is  the specific reason you want the Nexus 6 over other devic3es which have the memory size that you want?

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The fact that it is a Nexus is why we want it. The fact that when one day we have had enough of Verizon's BS we can take the phone to any carrier we want. There will come a point in time where your better network will not outweigh the rudeness and brashness and runaround we get from you.

Why Nexus 6?

Fastest updates of any Android phone. No touchwhiz or sense skin over android. Oh and that beautiful screen.

Everything with you is a fight. Keep my off contract discount fight, activate my Nexus 6 on Verizon fight. Then the funny part is if you look up Nexus 6 on Verizon website. It says all sizes and colors supported!

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So buy it From google and get over it like a Real Nexus user

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Good luck activating that on VZW's network and getting your off contract discount.

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I bought a 64 GB Nexus 6 from Amazon last week, took it to a Verizon corporate store, and they gave me a nano SIM and activated it on the spot without any questions or hassles. I had thought there might be a problem so had ordered a SIM cutter I could use on my old Galaxy S4 SIM and didn't need to use it. It shows as a Non VZW Nexus 6 but was told it was a supported device.

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I'm glad someone else has tried this.  I ordered the 64gb Nexus 6 yesterday through Amazon - expecting it in tomorrow.  I was worried that it may not work on the network, but its good to hear yours it working well.  I'm coming from a Droid Maxx, so I believe my nano sim should swap over without issue.