Told not to use WiFi for my phone at home???

My WiFi on my new Samsung A 42 phone (from Verizon) takes forever to connect to websites.  The rep on the phone told me I should not be using WiFi at home.  That seems completely crazy to me.  I have limited data because I am a senior citizen on a fixed income.  I don't play video games or use my phone for movies but I do like to call up my weather or a couple other apps I use like Sierra Club, etc. The reason I use WiFi is so I do not get the crazy overages that Verizon charges.  She was not going to listen to me, wanted to upgrade me.  I finally had to end the call.  My WiFi is fine on my desktop and laptop.  Just Verizon that won't connect.  Please someone tell me how to fix this problem. I am totally so done with Verizon (MANY issues, not just this one).  Thank you