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re: Poor and potentially tortious customer "service"  from

re:  Verizon Wireless


(a company owned store, not a franchisee).

I walked into the above named retail store on the third of April.  I asked the salesman if he

could 'unroot' my Galaxy S4.  He told me he could but that would involve a system refresh

and that I would lose everything except my contacts, which he would back up and restore.  I

have no idea how the phone got 'rooted', but that is neither here nor there.  Being "rooted" if

that is what the problem is, I cannot load any system updates.  I also have marginal

functionality.  I can't open the Google Plat Store and this means I cant reload the few apps

that I was using.

He says it will take a half hour or so.  My bother and I go to lunch.  We come back.  The news

is Not Good.  The system is now wiped as he said it would be.  The backup he restored was

an old backup.  He said the phone would not backup.  Additionally, and most critically, the

phone is still rooted.

Then he says “You know the S4 is old technology.  Samsung is in version 8 and I should

probably get a new phone."  I told him I was aware of this and was looking at a refurbished

IPhone 6.  "  He quoted me ~$350!  I said no that is not the correct price.  He says sorry,

sorry that's the 6+".  I am legally blind and these guys see me coming.  Yes, we are all very


I subsequently spoke to a level 2 tech at corporate and he said I should not expect the

people at the store to know anything besides sales and the simplest matters of operation.  

Has the world (and Verizon) become so driven by money, or maybe this office isn't making

their goal$.  Or is it now OK to take advantage of old sick people?

When I bought this Galaxy the salesman said I should take some odd Samsung tablet

because it was only $30.  What he forgot to add were two words i.e."per month".


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Re: Tortious?
Customer Service Rep

Xrunch21, we are sorry to hear about your recent experience. We certainly want to make sure you are a satisfied customer. Allow us to assist you and turn your experience around. When you spoke to Tech Support, were they able to assist you with your device? Is your phone still not working properly?


Re: Tortious?
Enthusiast - Level 3

If we are being honest the Representatives at the store Primary priority is SALES, that's how they get paid. If you are going into the store, don't get distracted by the "promotions & deals" they are going to try and sell you to, stay focus on whatever your objective was in going there.