Trade In Question, have two of the same model phones
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Wondering if anyone else has had experience with a situation simular...

I just recently ordered the new Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra to replace my Note 9. I took Verizon up on their trade in offer to give me $700 trade in credit on my Note 9. 

Easy enough right, well here is the thing. I am wondering if Verizon tracks the trade in you send in by the exact IMEI number. 

I have two identical Note 9s (both Verizon branded, both work great, same internal storage, good IMEIs) that I could pick from to trade in. 

It it would be great if I could send them in the Note 9 that am not actively using my sim card in so I have longer to transition to the new phone. However what I'm wondering is if verizon is expecting me to return the note 9 that was currently active with my sim in it when I initiated the trade in deal?

I am hoping it does not matter which one I send it as long as its apples to apples. Same model/spec and condition. 

Anyone know?? 

With our strict Corporate I.T. security policies in my day job this really does matter. 



Re: Trade In Question, have two of the same model phones
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That's a great question. We do track it by the exact IMEI number. However, if you haven't signed up for a particular trade-in yet, you can use the other one. Otherwise, let's discuss it a little more to see if it would be worth it. Please send us a Private Note for assistance.*Melissa