Trade in - no trace of the phone

Hello, my name is Diana, I have a complaint that I'm willing to take to the corporate office in person if necessary. This is my complain: I was robbed for one of Verizon’s employees and now the manager is calling me a Liar in front of all other customers.

What happened was that in July 2017 I decided switching carriers, so I moved from T-Mobile to Verizon. I went to Verizon on July to open the account and to trade in my T-Mobile cellphone (Samsung Galaxy Edge S7) the guy helped and set up all my account and told me I was going to receive about $600 for switching and for trading in the phone. He only said to bring in a final invoice from T-Mobile when I could and that was all. I thought he had recorded everything in the system however after a few months I decided to check what happened because neither I received the credit card, or my monthly cellphone payment went down. My problem was taking a few months since I was a newlywed, a full-time worker and a full-time student I just didn’t have time to go before. Last night went I went to the same store I opened my account the manager tells me that there is no record of the trade in. I told her what the employee said and did, I even how her the notes the employees wrote down for me braking down how much I was to receive and pay monthly. She said she couldn’t do anything and implied that I probably never trade in the phone because otherwise it should be in the system. Since I know what I did, I suggested for her to check the video cameras because that is my only way to prove I am not lying and that that employee took my almost brand-new phone. I am also getting in contact with the police to report the phone stolen. Please help me with this. All I want to prove is that I am not lying and to have Verizon cover what I still owe T-Mobile for that cellphone

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Re: Trade in - no trace of the phone
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DROS87, as a new customer of ours, this is never the experience we want you to have. We understand the importance of ensuring you receive all promotions offered when starting new service. Was the Trade-in device left in the store location at the time you started service? If so, did the agent provide you with a tracking number or submission i.d? When you spoke to the store manager, were they going to further investigate?




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