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I want to transfer my son-in-law's phone (also currently a Verizon customer) to my plan... I have taken the following steps :

1) Went to a Verizon store... After waiting for assistance, was told they couldn't help me directly but provided me phone number s where I would be able to accomplish that task.

2) When my son-in-law was available I contacted (888) 832-4540. I thought I was making progress, the representative confirmed he was a manager on his account. However when she went to transfer it to my account, she said that I needed to update my plan to a new one. I agreed, but she told me she couldn't find a new plan which would accept his phone, which is a Pixel 7.

She assured me that it was a programing error on your side, and that within 5 days the problem would be fixed and I would be notified. (BTW, I spent probably an hour working through this) 

When 10 days passed, and I hadn't gotten a call back I checked my account, to find this request as pending, and going to expire in four days! 

3) I contacted support through your chat app, which needless to say was a waste of time... First I was directed to a URL which would have allowed me to transfet one of my existing three lines. When I again explained that link probably should be sent to my son-in-law, I was told to I should forward it. 

So I did, but my son-in-law got the message that the transfer was pending. When I told the representative about the message, he said I should check my email. 

I did, to as far back as the date of  my initial contact with Verizon without success. I explained that to the representative, who then told me to check my spam folder, which I did, and again found nothing...

He then tells me to refresh my mail and check the spam folder again... And of course there is nothing there. 

I now have wasted more than 90 minutes, and request that this be elevated, he says. "Sorry", and then is nothing but crickets. 

I don't know what problems you are having... First, obviously a plain Pixel 7 is not so new that your plans can't accommodate it, you sell it.  If your company says they will get back to me between 5 and 7 days with a solution, and I have heard nothing after 10, that is a black mark in my book...

So if my request to add this number to my account expires without a successful transfer, I will attempt to find a responsive mobile provider. 


Norman Richter 

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We want to do everything we can to help with your sons line moving over. We'll send you a Private Note shortly.