Transfer auto-back up photos on Samsung 4 to PC

I successfully transferred two of the albums from my phone's camera, but there is an album labeled Auto Back, which has many more photos and I can't figure out how to get that album to transfer. I notice the other two albums have a camera symbol in the lower left, while this one has an icon that looks like a camera shutter colored orange, green, and purple. I need to know how to retrieve those photos off of my phone and transfer them to my PC. I am connected via USB. Thank you.

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Do you have smart switch? If you do you can back all the photos or the whole phone to your computer. There is also kies that is from samsung and can do the same thing.When you connect the phone to your computer make sure that you have the phone set to transfer photos or just files ( pull the screen down and it should show in there the options to do this)

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You can also backup the photos to your Google account using the Google Photos app.

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i backup to google drive!!

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We definitely want for you to be able to move your precious moments over to your computer. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with this mysterious folder. Let’s chat about this a bit to figure this out. When you look into your gallery folders on your phone, do you see that folder listed there? What exactly happens when you try to move them from the phone to the computer? Is this a Samsung Note 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S4?


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