Troubleshooting Lock Screen Lock Out

Okay, so I changed my lock pattern and literally forgot it within minutes. I attempted to draw what I thought was my pass code too many times and it completely Factory reset my phone. Now it is wanting me to sign into a google account that is used with the phone. I have tried a few of them an for some reasonm it is not letting me sign in. It is saying I need to wait 24 hours due to a password change or showing a error. I am on the verge of literally having a nervous break down. My phone has or had my entire life in it and was my pocket book to store everything! i did have a sd card but i have no idea whats been saved and what hasnt. I also dont know whats all been saved on my drive, my cloud or any of that. So, my question is, did I Lose everything? Is there anything I can do to get it all back? Can I somehow, hopefully get past this hold or whatever? pleeeeeaaaseeee HEEEELLLLPPPPP

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