Turn Off - Random notification telling me mobile data is off
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I use my LG VK815 tablet at home using WiFi and rarely need access to the mobile data.  I run an app that runs some network diagnostics and periodically throughout the day I will get a notification telling me that mobile data is turned off and unless I have wifi, apps like email and such won't have access to the internet.  I KNOW THIS.

My WiFi is on when this notification comes on so it seems clear this was designed poorly by not checking that WiFi is indeed enabled and connected to a network and no need to nag me.

I can find no way to disable this notification.  There is no option to tick "do not remind me again".  Additionally, this is NOT complaining about the notification pop-up that occurs at the time of disabling mobile data, yes this is the same notification, yet it just keeps popping up at random times throughout the day and is interrupting my running application collecting data and is very frustrating as it interrupts my sampling periods.

I've seen other threads that suggest this notification is mandatory due to folks complaining about mobile data usage and being billed for excess data they are unaware of.  This is a ridiculous suggestion because the mobile data is already turned off and I was already made aware at the time of disabling it, there is no risk to me when it is OFF and therefore no need to keep nagging me about it.

I chose Android because I wanted control of my devices but I feel prisoner to some of these things forcefully chosen for me.

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Re: Turn Off - Random notification telling me mobile data is off

My wife and I area relatively new to Verizon and have the latest Galaxy S9 and S9+ phone.  We just started getting these "Mobile Data Turned Off ..." in the last week or so while we were on a trip.  Now it is happening at home, too.  What's going on with this?

Re: Turn Off - Random notification telling me mobile data is off
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We love having your family as part of ours and we want to help you stay connected. Have you set up any data limits via the phone menus under Settings>Data Usage? Did this start after installing any new apps or updates?

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