UPS lost my trade in device.

Verizon have no idea about UPS lost trade in device.

I chatt with verizon several times about this accident. 

they said "I have checked all my resources and in this case UPS can only help you in regards to lost
device. I request you to please contact them to check in this case. "

But UPS said "I am sorry you experienced issues with this shipment. According to our records, the package was shipped using a return shipping label so only the company that generated the label could file a claim. Please contact the company you obtained the label from to report the
incident and assistance. "

Would  let me know the way 

Re: UPS lost my trade in device.
Customer Service Rep

Bong3, we are sorry to hear about your experience. Making sure you are aware of the next steps to take for your lost shipment is important. Allow us the opportunity to further investigate this matter. We have sent you a Private Message. Can you please respond to that message? Thank you.