Unacceptable Wait Times & Issue Never Explained
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I have called for the last three days trying to get through to VZW customer service in a timely fashion and when l finally did, it was clearly outsourced overseas. The agent gave a phony "Americanized" first name and would not reveal what country he was in, yet Verizon has no problem asking me to authenticate my identity and compromising my security. So I switched to trying live chat - no option to get a transcript of the chat and, of the agent's own admission, handling multiple chats simultaneously, so none of them handled efficiently or in a timely manner. I had to repeat my questions again and again. Some were never answered. In particular, huge discrepancy between my data usage per email from Verizon on 12.20.21 indicating 50% data remaining, and what is showing in Settings on my Pixel. Data detail clearly shows no data used since 12.20.21 when I was at 50% usage and now showing 60% used per Verizon app or 75% used via Android Settings for data usage (take your pick). So disappointed in Verizon, that I am considering changing carriers after many years - despite other less expensive carriers, I remained loyal to them, but this level of degradation in customer service is unacceptable and disrespectful of my time. 
My suggestion - close your brick and mortar stores which are unnecessary and poorly run, take the money saved, hire and train an adequate number of support staff, and stop outsourcing customer service. You are a U.S. based company - act like it! Your customer service should be U.S. based. You are severely understaffed. Your customers should not have to wait 20 minutes to over an hour to get overseas support. Unacceptable to me and should be to you as well.
Re: Unacceptable Wait Times & Issue Never Explained
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I had much the same problem after being a two-decade-long loyal customer  - so frustrating! I feel like the hours I spent on hold with them was basically a kidnapping I couldn't go do anything else and was afraid to hang up and have to go through it all again some other day

Re: Unacceptable Wait Times & Issue Never Explained

If Verizon were to make the website fully functional the need to call would go down dramatically.  Most all the time, 90%, I call them only after the website failed miserably.  The website is a mess; it looks pretty, but functionally, it's a zero.  

Re: Unacceptable Wait Times & Issue Never Explained
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