Update SIM and SD cards.

We have an older LG LK20 want to update SIM and SD cards, 16GB is not enough for a picture taker. Are there provider and phone specific cards or will any cards on the market work?

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Re: Update SIM and SD cards.
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New Sim cards you can get from verizon.  The SD card you need to check the phone manual and see the maximum card size the phone can handle.  If it won't take more than a 16gb SD card then nothing you can do.  

Re: Update SIM and SD cards.
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Hello, alderm1. I also love taking pictures with my phone, so understand how important it is to have adequate storage space. The great news is that you can purchase any MicroSD card up to 2 TB. This will hold plenty of pictures and memories. Hope this information helps, let us know if there is anything else we can help with? - VZW_ChristianP