Using Old Verizon Phone for WiFi no carrier,,, need help


my mom gave me her old verizon stratosphere cell phone thinking i could get it unlocked and use with my at&t service, well found out that the verizon, sprint and another carrier run off of cdma service while at&t and other carriers run gsm networks. any way so all in all cant unlock it but i play with it and use it for wifi, and use my google voice account to get msg's and so forth. the problem is this... i can't change the phone number its still set as my mom's phone number and i want to change it.  since the phone is not activated i can't go into my verizon to change anything since she is using that for her account.

her service is intact and if i were to get on there it would deactivate her phone and activate this one.

so my dilemma is driving me crazy since if i invite others to join me on google voice which is now mo+ and can use google hangouts but sending invites will only confuse them since they are seeing her details instead of mine.

so can anyone tell me how to change the information to me and my google phone number? is there a program that will do it anything would help and all advice is appreciated! Smiley Happy

please please contact me via email or skype i'll give yal everything just contact me please!!!

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thanks so ever much,

southern belle

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I use GV with Hangouts, but I believe you have to have the most current version of hangouts to use GV within it as Hangouts Dialer replaced Google Voice app and mo+ is just a third party app by itself.  The way you are using it now is trying to connect an active number to the app and GV number.  Try updating Hangouts, download the Hangouts dialer app and uninstall mo+ or the GV app itself.  You can also go to your GV account on the PC and remove the phone number that isnt yours from the account.