Using a new unlocked Moto G6 internationally

I just upgraded to an unlocked Moto G6 from a LG Exalt flip phone.  The LG worked internationally after I manually changed my calling settings.  Willl the Moto connect automaticially for international calling once I'm overseas or do I have to manually enter call settings so the Moto connects to the international network.  I'm going to Italy from USA.


Re: Using a new unlocked Moto G6 internationally
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GAAPGUY, Italy sounds amazing and I hope you enjoy your trip abroad. I'll be glad to clear things up so you can use your unlocked Moto G6 internationally. Congrats on your new Moto G6 and I want to ensure you're able to make/receive calls while away. Be sure to reference our International Trip Planner online to confirm you have the right travel package to meet your needs at the link here:


By default, you will need to change your Network Type to Global or enable Data Roaming on your phone as needed. Since the roaming settings differ on your device, please reference the Motorola G6 support page at the link attached. Go through the two Tutorial options listed under "Network" to manually adjust any network/roaming settings as needed. Does this information help answer your question?




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