V30 Update VS99610e
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I just received the update to my V30 this afternoon, and a wonderful VZW Support Rep provided me the following info regarding the update. This list might be more informative than the typical update page (which should be updated soon).

FWIW: My device says Android V7.1.2 / Android Security Patch Level December 1, 2017.

1. Android Security patch has been applied

2. LG preloaded Apps have been updated.

3. Changed landscape layout value.

4. Customer can see pop up when connected Wi-Fi network losses internet.

5. When WiFi is internet available status, Customer can see WiFi icon that Exclamation mark is removed.

6. Unprivileged application can delete arbitrary SMS threads.

7. Prevent crash of SystemUI when a malicious and unprivileged application starts SystemUILGBackupReceiver by force.

8. Add permission into applications not to be performed by 3rd party applications.

9. IMS crash under Android For Work would be fixed.

10. Increase the width of barcode for IMEI.

11. Making service calls with no parameters as a low-privilege user triggered unexpected system behaviors.

12. If user make VT call by LTE network, LTE icon is displayed on Call screen.

13. Even App with Material Theme, Navigation bar color is applied Theme color.

14. Device could notify charging status to user when starting wireless charging.

15. Increase brightness on AOD mode.

16. Icon of the button updated from triangle to square.

17. Change to AOD clock shift boundary.

18. Remove the "cinema" statement from the manual video size list.

19. Power consumption issue is occurred because Glink activity is not clear. Glink activity clear on abnormal status.

20. Wireless charging faster than before.

21. Remove to display “Activation complete”, when updating PRL.

22. Play HDR contents normally.

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