Verizon Assurion Protection is Lousy
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I mistakenly left my phone on the hood of my car a drove off.  I saw the phone fly off and land in the road.  It was hit by a car behind me.  The phone is useless.  I went into a Verizon store, and they informed me that I had to go thru the insurance claim with Asurion.  I had the broken phone in my hand.  Asurion wants me to fill out an affidavit and wait more than a day, to get approval for them to send me a new phone (if they approve it).  This is total garbage.  I should be able to walk into Verizon with the broken phone, fill out the form in the store, and walk out with my new phone.  I pay a premium to subscribe with Verizon, and to pay for the insurance.  I pay Verizon, not Asurion.  I am furious at this being what they consider customer service.  I am traveling and now have no contact or connection capability for at least 2 more days.  Verizon has lost sight of the customer service ethos.  I'm been a customer for over 20 years.  Moving on at the end of this contract.  Done with these clowns.  And to boot, Asurion tried to sell me coverage for a home computer...  I wouldn't buy a plugged nickel from this company.  Oh, and they didn't ask for a photo of the damaged phone.  Crazy.  

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