Verizon Breaking trade-in agreement pretty sure they are stealing my trade in

On Febuary 22, I went into a verizon store traded in my 256gb Oneplus 9 Pro, The employee said my Trade in would cover the entire cost for a google pixel 6, Today is 4/6/2022 i asked about my trade in credit, because the singed agreement states 15 days after device is recieved credits are applied not found in the system, and it also states "Trade ins must be "COMPLETED" 30 days after purchase so it seems i have to file a complaint with the BBB Verizon also signed the terms of agreement and this is so clearly violating it and since i havent recieved a # to look up my trade in its not in the system so its more than violating terms its Theft, I have recording of all 6 of the verizon employees i talked to today and also the store that "claims they havent sent it out yet 45 days later" so im not talking to one more verizon employee arbiration time 

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